How learning music is changing my mind and how it affects hacking



Starting January 1st of this year, I began the route of a new passion - playing music. I purchased an electric bass guitar. To be more precise, a Fender Player Precision Bass. Learning to play an instrument is something I've wanted to do for the past year or so, but I always wrote it off because I would be starting too late and could never catch up with those who have already been playing for 10+ years. Well, needless to say that if I actually started a year ago I'd be damn good by now. But, I digress.

The reason I'm making this post is because music is completely taking over my mind. I play bass guitar something like 1-5 hours every day, but generally on the higher end. In my free time, if I'm not playing my bass, I'm kind of just... sitting there. I see music in everything now -- when I watch a movie, I overly pay attention to the soundtrack when in the past it would go unnoticed. Whenever I hear a song, I like to think of the logic and theory behind it: why did they use that key, those scales, those intervals, etc.? I'm very much a music theory noob still, but what matters is that I'm thinking about it.

What potentially scares me is that this is how I used to feel about hacking and cyber security. It would be the forefront of my mind throughout the day. CTF challenges would be plugged into my mind all throughout the day, and I wouldn't really be able to pay attention to any classes or work. Playing a CTF or HTB for 14 hours straight wasn't something I did for "practice", it was just what I wanted to do. Over the past few months I haven't come close to that. Maybe I'll pop into a CTF and solve an easy challenge or two, but it hasn't been as fun or involved as it used to be.

Maybe I'm overreacting because we're in a pretty lame stretch of the CTF season, but I still wish I'd been practicing or playing HTB. But I really feel like it's hard for me to keep a healthy relationship between two obsessions. When I play bass I feel like I could have been practicing hacking, and when I hack I feel like I could have been practicing bass.

What's the point of this blog? I have literally no idea. I think I just wanted to get my ideas jotted down on paper (or.. uhh... a web page).

I'm throwing a picture of my bass below, just 'cause I think she's pretty.